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Krantz VirusProtect


Krantz VirusProtect - cleaning the air you breathe.

Krantz have been innovating and delivering high-performance air filtration and distribution solutions for over 50 years within the most demanding and hazardous applications where safety is critical, such as Nuclear Installations, High-Security Laboratories, Cleanrooms and Hospitals and Isolation Wards.

We are now able to bring this wealth of specialist experience to meet the current global challenge of Coronavirus, enabling the maximum possible protection to the public and staff within shared indoor spaces with the Krantz VirusProtect - helping businesses regain customer and staff confidence.

The Krantz VirusProtect was developed in our state of the art R&D facility in Aachen, Germany, uses mobile aerosol filter to great effect by capturing and inactivating Corona viruses and other airborne contaminants from indoor air > 99.95%. Designed specifically for flexible us and rigorously tested under sound scientific principles the VirusProtect perfectly complements established individual Coronavirus precautions with efficient cutting edge technology.

For more information on the VirusProtect contact: Bernie Maloney Tel.No. 01634729786 Email.