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Heating and Cooling / Active Chilled Beams & Ceilings

Chilled beam DK-LIO-T

For indoor cooling and heating in commercial buildings with fresh air supply to enhance indoor air quality. Air outlet with integrated damper control; for temperature-dependent switching of the discharge direction between cooling and heating mode by automatic thermostat adjustment unit. The chilled beam is designed for ceiling mounting close to façades and is particularly suitable for installation in office and administrative buildings.


  • Compact unit for fresh air supply as well as cooling and heating to DIN EN 15116
  • – waterside cooling capacity up to 400 W/m
  • – waterside heating capacity up to 275 W/m
  • Its low overall height makes it suitable for low floor-to-ceiling heights in new or refurbished buildings
  • Self-adjustable air outlet
  • Low sound power Level
  • The range of primary air nozzles available enables optimum unit layout
  • Simple Installation


Nominal length:

1 000 mm

Nominal width:

220 mm

Nominal height:

250 mm

Primary air flow rate:

8.3 – 22 l/(s·m) [30 – 80 m³/(h·m)]

Surface finish:

Visible surfaces powder coated to a RAL colour

Primary air connection:

DN 100 – DN 125 depending on position of spigots

Heat exchanger:

two-pipe system or four-pipe System

Water connection:

pipe end for push-in fitting or press-fitted connection = 15 mm

Installation type:

concealed installation


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