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Air Distribution / Sidewall Diffusers

Combined multiplex diffuser FA-VT-K

For installation in corridor walls of offices, meeting rooms, etc., to discharge supply air in thin single jets from the lower outlet segment into the occupied zone and to remove return air through the upper outlet segment​.


  • Combined supply air and return air outlet
  • Generation of jet bundles with thin, free, single supply air jets
  • Jet bundle elements manually rotatable through 360°
  • Pronounced spread of supply air jets
  • Rapid decrease in jet velocity and temperature difference
  • Jet bundle elements for supply air and return air respectively arranged in one row
  • Return air segment also without jet bundle elements; return air intake via perforated faceplate
  • Connection box with supply air and return air spigots for flexible duct connection


Volume flow rate range:

≤ 40 l/(s•m) [145 m³/(h•m)] for supply air and return air respectively

Nominal lengths:

600, 800 and 1 000

Height of air outlet:

260 mm

Discharge height:

2.5 – 4 m

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