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Air Distribution / Industrial Displacement Diffusers

Conical displacement diffuser VA-K

For halls where supply air must be discharged from a great height at low turbulence; suitable for cooling and heating.


  • Low-turbulence displacement flow, especially suited for aircraft painting Hangars
  • Air discharge direction adjustable to internal loads
  • Built-in electric actuator for adjustment of jet penetration depth
  • Low pressure drop
  • Temperature difference between supply air and return air up to –5 K in cooling mode and +8 K in heating mode
  • Smooth operation in heating-up operation up to Delta T = +10 K


Volume flow rate range:

280 – 2 800 l/s [1 000 – 10 000 m³/h]


DN 630 and DN 800

Discharge height:

6 – 30 m

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