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Heating and Cooling / Passive Chilled Beams & Ceilings

Contact cooling ceiling system KKS-4/GK, for gypsum plasterboard

Provided for combination with perforated or unperforated gypsum board panels (and matching suspension structure) from various manufacturers to produce radiant cooling or heating ceilings. The cooling elements are fitted into the suspension structure.


  • Heat transfer largely by radiation, with very high thermal comfort as a result
  • Standard cooling output up to 69 W/m² at Δt = 8 K for KKS-4 elements combined with thermal gypsum board panels (to DIN EN 14240), heating capacity 102 W/m² (at Δt 12 K)
  • Also suitable for heating
  • Sound-absorbing types available
  • The core of the system is a copper serpentine pipework with an aluminum heat conducting plate, thus long lifetime and assured quality; operating pressure 6 bars (higher values subject to enquiry)
  • Easy and safe installation according to professional methods in use in building services and drywall construction
  • No combustible components


Nominal length:

500 mm to 2 500 mm

Nominal width:

unperforated: 420 mm

perforated: 250 mm

Overall system height:

≥ 80 mm

Connection type:

press fitting

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