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Air Distribution / Industrial Displacement Diffusers

Displacement ventilation for indoor firing ranges VA-RSA

Low-turbulence displacement ventilation is the best way to remove from the breathing zone of shooters the pollutants that are released during shooting with firearms in indoor firing ranges. The displacement flow (piston principle) can be achieved with an


  • Air distribution wall placed behind the shooter
  • Horizontal displacement flow with a mean indoor air velocity of 0.25 to 0.30 m/s over the range cross section
  • Each cassette panel is fitted with an adjustable slot diffuser designed to stabilize the displacement flow
  • Dimensions depend on range geometry – customized solutions to ensure air flow over the entire range cross section
  • All required profiles and panels are supplied in a way to ensure quick on-site assembly and simple installation in the indoor firing range


Volume flow rate range:

depends on range cross section and amount of pollutants *)

Discharge velocity:

0.25 - 0.35 m/s


made to match the range cross section


entire range cross section and length

*) depending on type of firearm and shooting sequence

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