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Airtight Louvre Damper Type ND-J

Louver damper, type LD-J and type ND-J, will be used for controlling air flow and shutting off air ducts.


  • Louver damper type ND-J: admissible leakage rate damper housing: leakage air flow < 10 l/(h · m²) at 20 °C and Δp = 2 000 Pa acc. DIN 25 496


  • lamellae in airtight design, class C acc. DIN EN 1751. Tightness of damper housing according type of damper.
  • The damper is designed to operate without any failure at an operating pressure of 1.1 time the admissible operating pressure
  • Design:
    • Housing stainless steel or galvanized steel, 1.5 mm thick, by means of a screwed construction
    • Warp-resistant hollow body lamellae made of aluminum, 150 mm, decontamination painting as option
    • lamellae a equipped with changeable silicon rubber profile
    • Counter rotating lamellae by means of outside positioned rod. Rod made of stainless steel.
    • Electrical-, pneumatic-, and manual actuator available.
    • Maintenance-free operation.


Max. temperature:


Adm. leakage rate damper housing DIN 25 496:

<10 l/(h·m2) at 20°C and Δp = 2 000 Pa

Adm. leakage rate damper blades (lamellas):

class 4 acc. to DIN EN 1751


Stainless steel 2 mm by means of a screwed construction


Manual, electrical, or pneumatic

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