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Multi-function exposed ceiling AVACS, Supply air

AVACS stands for aAir Ventilation And Cooling System. The AVACS multifunction sail combines the following functions: cooling, heating, indoor air circulation and sound absorption, which are performed in compliance with thermal comfort criteria.The multifunction sail AVACS is designed for use in combination with metal tile sails from various brands.


  • Heat transfer by convection and radiation, resulting in high thermal comfort
  • Very high output in relation to the active sail area (area-output ratio) thanks to built-in induction unit (not visible from below)
  • Very high thermal comfort thanks to air distribution above and below the sail
  • Suitable for refurbishment of offices and exhibition space
  • Different types of finish are possible; ceiling services can be integrated
  • Good acoustic properties
  • The core of the system is a copper serpentine pipework with Al heat conducting profiles, which assures long service life and quality; operating pressure 6 bar (higher values on inquiry)
  • No combustible components


Nominal length:

1 500 – 5 500 mm

Nominal width:

1 150 mm

Nominal height:

50 mm

Minimum suspension height:

150 mm

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