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Heating and Cooling / Active Chilled Beams & Ceilings

Multi-function exposed ceiling AVACS

The Multifunction exposed ceiling AVACS recirculated air is a variation on our AVACS supply air system. Our proven cooling ceiling technology is combined with an AVACS recirculated air fan, invisible to the user. The result is a visually-appealing panel that provides a high specific cooling and heating output while at the same time maintaining a high degree of thermal comfort.


  • Pre-assembled, compact units with high performance
  • Designed for cooling and heating
  • Well-suited for combination with other heating and cooling systems
  • Integration of lighting fixtures, air outlets, speakers, smoke detectors also possible
  • Simple and quick installation on-site


Nominal length:

1 500 – 5 500 mm

Nominal width:

1 150 mm

Nominal height:

50 mm

Minimum suspension height:

150 mm