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multifunction exposed ceiling krantzcool

The multifunction sail KrantzCool has been developed for suspension close to the concrete ceiling and is characterized by its extremely compact design. Due to reflow of secondary air above the ceiling sail, a uniform appearance of the ceiling sail with perforations throughout is possible. KrantzCool offers a high specific cooling and heating capacity. Because of its two-sided supply air discharge with horizontal flow pattern and the use of the Coanda effect, supply air is well-mixed with indoor air. This type of air distribution ensures that air speeds are kept low in occupied areas.


  • Extremely compact
  • High specific cooling and heating capacity
  • Two-sided supply air outlet
  • Uniform appearance of ceiling sail with perforations throughout
  • Well-suited for combination with other multifuncional sails, such as AVACS
  • Reflow of secondary air above the ceiling sails
  • Spreading out of supply air volume flow
  • Easy and quick installation


Multi-function exposed ceiling

Nominal length:

150 mm

Nominal width:

50 mm

Minimum suspension height:

180 mm


Nominal length:

1 500, 1 800, 2 100, 2 400 and 2 700 mm

Nominal width:

560 mm

Nominal height:

155 mm

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