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Heating and Cooling / Passive Chilled Beams & Ceilings

Plaster cooling ceiling system PKS

-PKS-D, for plastered ceilings
-PKS-W, for plastered walls

Designed to connect shaped serpentine piping inside or outside the plaster area in order to make radiant cooling or heating ceilings or walls. The permanent large-surface contact between the PKS element and the plaster area is done by on-site plastering.


  • Heat transfer mainly by radiation, with very high thermal comfort as a result
  • Low overall thickness
  • For versatile applications thanks to customizable dimensions
  • The core of the system is copper serpentine piping which ensures quality and long lifetime; operating pressure 6 bars
  • Easy and safe installation according to professional methods, irrespective of the outside temperature
  • No combustible components
  • Quick response time owing to small plaster thickness


Nominal length:

1 000 mm – 5 400 mm

Nominal width:

4 pipe rows, corresponds to 360 mm *)

6 pipe rows, corresponds to 540 mm *)

Nominal thickness:

20– 25 mm

Connection type:

press fitting; soldered connection on request

*) Consult us on other design options

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