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Online mobile re-cleanable HEPA filter system type RHF Hightec

Re-cleanable HEPA filter systems will be used for demanding requirements on the filter separation performance (HEPA), high particle concentrations and abrasive dusts.


  • Top-down principle
  • Lower depths of filter elements for critical dust
  • Very high cleaning pressure (up to 4 bar over pressure in nozzle bar)
  • Patented, reinforced RHF ® standard size elements
  • Pressure loss reduction through cleaning process, i. e.
  • Lower and more constant initial pressure drop after cleaning
  • Higher working pressure drop in filter possible
  • Formation of a filter “cake” on the surface of the filter medium
  • Good separation of agglomerated dust in the hopper
  • Suitable for different kinds of dust, especially for critical particles (rough, sticky, etc.)



1 600 x 1 900 x 790 mm

Air flow:

1 500 m³/h

Admissible Operation pressure:

± 6 000 Pa

Admissible design temperature:


Compressed air consumption per re-cleaning:

ca. 0,4 NM³/filter element

Re-cleaning time per filter element:

ca. 6s

Tightness of filter housing acc. to DIN 24 496:

Lekage rate < 3 · 10-5 of nominal air flow at Δp = 2 000 Pa

Tightness of filter seat acc. to DIN 24 496:

Lekage rate < 3 · 10-5 of nominal air flow at Δp = 2 000 Pa

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