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Safe-change HEPA housing with auto scanning feature type SCF hightec

Ventilation systems in areas like laboratories, chemical, pharmaceutical or nuclear industry have to separate toxic particles, radioactive particles and pathogen agents in order to save the environment, the production or the health of the personnel. Filter systems have to meet high demands regarding the safety and efficiency of particle separation. For these applications Krantz developed the Safe Change Filter Housing, Type SCF hightec. The SCF hightec filter housing iscustomizable for almost all sophisticated filtering demands.


Various technical high-quality options to equip the system e. g.

  • an integrated scanner device for an online efficiency measurement resp. leak testing
  • an automatic disinfection device, to be connected gastightly to the filter housing, utilise
  • a disinfection of the filter housing and filter media
  • a gastight shut-off slide or shut-off damper, which is integrated in the air inlet- and outlet chamber

complete the offer of this product.
More features:
The construction based on long time experience regarding
The construction is characterised of compact design and many different outfitting. Because of a modular design
the filter housing is predestined for special requirements and locations with less space.

  • Compact construction
  • Modular design according to a modular kit principle
  • Many different outfitting possibilities
  • applications
  • used materials
  • tightness requirements
  • online efficiency measurements
  • decontamination and disinfection
  • contamination free exchange of filter elements
  • testing and inspection
  • only one side needed for operation
  • the free choice of the arrangement vertical resp. horizontal
  • different air inlet- and outlet chambers


Nominal air flow per filter element:

up to 350 l/s [48 000 m³/h] (higher on request)

Admissible differential pressure:

± 6 000 Pa (higher on request)

Design temperature:


Tightness on filter housing acc. to DIN 24 496:

leakage rate < 3 · 10-5 of nominal air flow at Δp = 2.000 Pa

Tightness of filter deat acc. DIN 24 496:

leakage rate < 3 · 10-5 of nominal air flow at Δp = 2.000 Pa

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