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Sorption Filter Element Type WFZ

For the separation of airborne particles, aerosols and olfactory pestering material in the nuclear industry, research, industry and so on, Krantz delivers a sorption filter cell for changing.



For this type only the filter material and the sealing will be changed, while the housing could be further used. The using of this type instead of disposal filter cells, reduces the waste considerably. You do something for pollution control.
The filter element could be filled with any kind of sorption material. The choice of the right sorption material is the precondition for attainment of high separation efficiency.

  • The dimensions of the filter cell are 610 mm x 610 mm x 292 mm
  • Large inflow area
  • Surrounding sealing
  • Handles for easy use


Air flow:

max. 420 l/s [1 500 m³/h]

Section area:

1.66 m³

Depth of filter bed:

50 mm

Pressure drop:

Depents of used Carbon media

Volume of filling:

approx. 75 l

Weight without filling:

approx. 36 kg

Filter cell size Wxl-lxD:

610 mm x 610 mm x 292 mm

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