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Air Distribution / Diffusers for Assembly Rooms

Step twist diffuser DS

For air distribution in assembly rooms with banked seating. Air supply from step front; circular shape, in three options.


  • For assembly rooms with floor steps, with and without fixed seating
  • Built into step front
  • Turbulent, radial discharge flow with intensive indoor air admixture resulting in rapid drop in jet velocity and fast temperature equalization
  • Installation in wooden or concrete steps
  • Connection to pressurized plenum


Volume flow rate range

Type DS-DD-DN 63:

≤ 3.3 l/s [12 m³/h]

Type DS-DD-DN:

100 ≤ 10 l/s [35 m³/h]

Type DS-RA-DN 100:

≤ 10 l/s [35 m³/h]

Type DS-BA-DN 150:

≤ 10 l/s [35 m³/h]

Sound power level:
≤ 18 dB(A) ref. 10-12 W

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