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Air Distribution / Sidewall Diffusers

Twist nozzle DW-V2-DR

For installation on walls, pillars or galleries, where adjustment of discharge direction with servomotor or by hand is required.


  • Twist nozzle with small jet penetration depth for air distribution into narrow spaces, with built-on twist element
  • Circular free jet
  • Discharge direction adjustable through ± 30° around the swivel axis
  • Adjustment options: manually, by electric actuator or, without auxiliary energy, by maintenance-free thermostatic control unit
  • The thermostatic control unit allows for resetting; the swivel range can be altered in increments of 5°, up to 20˚ in total. The mechanism of the thermostatic control unit is protected from undue application of force by a device that can disengage and engage again when the nozzle is swivelled by hand.
  • Position of swivel axis also adjustable in the vertical plane, enabling to alter the discharge direction sideways
  • Low sound power level
  • Low pressure drop
  • Direct connection to supply air duct or pressurized chamber, or connection with push-in end for spiral seam duct and with slip-on end for shaped parts


Volume flow rate range:

up to 395 l/s [1 420 m³/h]

Nominal sizes:

DN 80 - DN 250


1 – 17 m

Discharge height:

2.8 - 10 m

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