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Ventilation unit (supply return air) for mixing ventilation LG-ZA-M-SB, for vertical parapet mounting

Ventilation unit for integration into the parapet of a facade, with direct outdoor and exhaust air connections; ductless ventilation. Housing made of galvanized sheet metal including: air filters, heat recovery system, heating and cooling coils, air dampers, supply and return air fans; 2-row adjustable induction outlet for thermal facade screening and direct workplace ventilation; DDC controller and control valve.


  • For cooling, heating, and fresh air supply from the window parapet
  • Outdoor air intake and exhaust air extraction directly through the facade, i.e. ductless ventilation
  • F5 filter class (F7 optional)
  • Various modes of operation to meet different user requirements:
    • Cooling
    • Heating
    • Operation with heat recovery
    • Operation with recirculated air
    • Operation with outdoor air
    • 3-speed fan Operation

  • Hygiene tested to German guidelines VDI 6022, sheets 1 and 3, and VDI 3803, to EN 13779 and to DIN 1946-4
  • Easy to service and clean (no dis-assembly needed)
  • Complete condensate drain
  • Controller with high flexibility for individual user requirements
  • Low sound power level
  • Suitable for new or refurbished buildings


Supply/Return air volume flow rate:

max. 53 l/s [190 m³/h] respectively

Amount of heat recovered:

approx. 50%

Total cooling output:

720 W


- for cooling down 33% outdoor air 200 W

- for room cooling when tR = 26 °C 520 W

Cold water temperature:

14 / 17 °C

Total heating output:

1 200 W


- for heating up 33% outdoor air 280 W

- for room heating when tR = 22 °C 920 W

Hot water temperature:

50 / 40 °C

Operating voltage:

230 V / 50 Hz


1 000 mm


650 mm


297 mm

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