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Ambar Kelly Launches New Online Riser Zone CPD

July 13 2020

Ambar Kelly, a leading expert in riser zone design, is pleased to announce it has launched a new online CPD entitled ‘Falls, Fire, Cost & Time: How to Avoid Failure’.

Certified by CPD UK and available on demand, this CPD provides a comprehensive overview of riser shafts and focuses on the importance of eliminating risk through riser zone design. Covering topics such as current testing and the misconceptions around material selection, the CPD is essential for construction professionals wishing to obtain in-depth, contemporary insight into the complex spectrum that is riser zone design.

Speaking on the launch of Ambar Kelly’s latest CPD, Alex Bardett said: “As a pioneer of riser shaft design, we are delighted to contribute our CPD to the sector in the hope that it will change people’s perceptions on the fundamental purpose of riser zone design”.

On completion of the CPD, participants will receive a certificate and take away with them knowledge they couldn’t have received anywhere else. At a closer look, participants will be able to attain understanding on the lessons learnt from a disastrous commercial fire, the science of fire tests and how modular steel riser flooring is the best way to assure horizontal fire compartmentation.

Ambar Kelly is the innovator of RiserSafe®, a bespoke, prefabricated solution which provides 11 functions across a construction site, saving money, time and risk. RiserSafe® from Ambar Kelly is a total riser zone solution that works with all frame types. Ambar Kelly developed and patented the RiserSafe® system to provide a complete riser zone solution that accommodates all package interfaces in absolute safety.

To participate in Ambar Kelly’s CPD click here

For more information on RiserSafe® and to arrange a meeting with our industry experts, call 01707-324523


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